Falasarna Beach

Falasarna is well known as one of the most famous and award-winning beaches in Greece. In ancient years it used to be a very important ancient port of western Crete with a very rich history. The beach of Falasarna extends over 3 kilometeres from side to side and for practical reasons the locals have divided it in smaller beaches, with names such as Buruni, Kalami, Ag.Paraskevi e.t.c. The most famous beach of Falasarna is called Pahia Ammos and is an exotic wide sandy beach 1km long with crystal clear waters and sand in the shades of white and pink. Falasarna is located about 50kms west of the city of Chania and 19kms from the city of Kissamos. Along this well organised beach, you can find several taverns and hotels for the guests who want to stay in the area and enjoy it even more.

Balos lagoon

Balos Lagoon is located in the southwest of Chania, near Kissamos, 55km from the city of Chania and 17km from Kissamos. The beach of Balos has a wonderful pink shaded sand due to the thousands of broken seashells and bright blue & turquoise waters. Its waters are warm with intense bright blue and turquoise colors making up a fine scenery of exceptional natural beauty. The easies access to Balos is with a boat that you can take from Kissamos bay and other parts of the prefecture that make daily excursions. If you wish to drive there, you should know that that longest part of the road is a hard to reach trail with its last mile coverable only on foot. However, in that way you can admire the wonderful landscape during the journey.

Elafonisi beach

Elafonisi beach is well known for its amazing blue-green waters embraced by sand in pink and coral shades. For this magnificent color are responsible the thousands of broken seashells and especially the tiny crustaceans. After completing their life cycle they leave behind their reddish shells which are being crushed into sand during the years, making up this amazing colorful scenery. Its location is in the southwestern corner of Crete, 73km from the city of Chania and 40km from Kissamos. When in Elafonisi, you will immediately fill the touch of nature. Elafonisi is a top destination for countless tourists that are eager in witnessing the landscape’s beauty, especially in August. If you’re looking for a more peaceful and quieter spot, you can leave the central beach behind you and go towards the beautiful island filled with sand dunes and rich biodiversity.


Kissamos or Kastelli is a small quiet town 35km from the city of Chania. It is located very close to the 3 most popular beaches of Crete, Falassarna, Balos and Elafonisi, making it an ideal location for someone who wishes to visit them all. The overwhelming number of tourists that flows to the prefecture every summer has not altered the city of Kissamos, which still retains the characteristic of the traditional Cretan hospitality. In Kissamos and its surrounding villages you will not find “tourist food” nor inhospitable people. You will find family businesses and people who respect and love all visitors treating them like they’re neighbours.

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